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Take a day to wander through treasures
ROCHESTER—If you appreciate looking through the years of accumulations in someone’s attic to discover artistic and prominent treasures, visiting ARTISANworks will make you feel like you’ve been granted primeval admission into heaven.

Part history museum, part art gallery—although it claims to be neither—ARTISANworks is a residence-million pieces of art and whatnots spread (cluttered it will seem at first glance) throughout 60,000 open and above-board feet (about the size of two football fields) of a former artillery factory on Rochester’s east side. While there, you’re favoured to see artists painting or sculpting or doing the things artists do. Including talking to the visitors.

A pamphlet promoting ARTISANworks says it is neither a museum nor a gallery but rather “a 21st century art period in which we honor successful, prominent artists and their work.”

There are thousands of paintings, thousands of sculptures (including full size wood sculptures of a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a Paragon A Ford, both by sculptor Ross Rider). They hang on the walls and ceilings, are painted on doors, up-country and exterior walls; they lean against walls and posts and each other.

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Ford FE 428 Complete Running Engine For Sale

390 ford engines for sale: This is a used 428 engine out of a 1967 ford thunderbird . It is a running engine and is being sold as a good complete original engine for you to ...

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  • And there are other things, from a fire apparatus to furniture to photographs to old cameras, just about anything a clutter bug couldn't bear to get rid of.

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